NoOps means Ignorance

Butcher from National Archives

For a while I couldn’t quite put my finger on why the NoOps discussion was bothering me. Sure, I’m nostalgic for the old-school and Ops had been my bread and butter for forever, but I’ve evolved over time and so has Operations. Anyone that hasn’t is a dinosaur.

I think what’s bothering me is that NoOps feels like an attempt at giving a cool-kids’ name to selective ignorance. But, it’s not the good kind of selective ignorance, like ignoring what your parents did to bring you into this world. It’s the same feeling I get from people that don’t know where their food comes from. NoOps means ignoring that someone had to lovingly raise and then kill and butcher the cow I’m eating right now. And that’s not cool with me; whether it’s ignoring with how my code makes it to production or how my food makes it to my plate.

The argument that it’s a valid marketing term to describe a service, the same way we slap “cloud” and “organic” on everything is fair, I suppose. In the same way that most marketing terms are bullshit, so is this one.

I am all for what is trying to be described with NoOps: A Platform-as-a-Service that means that developers no longer have to worry about Ops because it’s being handled by another company. But this seems like a poor way to come up with a sexier term for PaaS. What’s next? NoDev to describe outsourcing development?

I just like knowing where my food comes from.

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